Welcome to Reel-Check
A PC suite of applications providing QC control for file based media and live feeds
 with full library management and logging facilities for the broadcast and TV environment.


Reel-Check is a suite of Windows programs that run on a standard PC without special hardware. It performs a complete set of quality control tests on any audio/video media content. The software is designed to operate either automatically or be run under direct user control and can be used as a networked facility.

Reel-Check software provides comprehensive quality automated monitoring tools, including video and audio error checking video and audio waveform monitoring, video and audio vectorscope and surround sound  checking all with logging. The  application provides a video monitor as well as the measurement displays or can run 'silently' and unattended. 


It also has an option to check for PSE flashing problems in either SD, HD or any other format.

  •      SD & HD media files in most formats

  •      Can accept live sources & IP feeds

  •      Batched operation of any number of sources

  •      Log reports with timecode and thumbnails

  •      Video, audio, surround sound display

  •      Metadata decoding & logging

  •      Monitors pictures, waveform and data

  •      Multiple Watch Folders with automation

  •      Results emailer

  •      Timed schedules for live logging

  •      Sequential schedules for media files

  •      Can test faster than real-time


  There are several versions of Reel-Check for various broadcast applications:
  for the desktop, the new version Reel-Check solo QC click here
  for Reel-Check brochure     click here
  for specifications data sheet click here

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